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Fun Tours for Teens

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LA tours for teens

Think there’s no way to keep them interested in a tour? This one will keep them awake! No one else offers the same LA tours for teens.

Our Teens and ‘Tweeners Tour is designed for our toughest critics – the kids and young adults who are too cool for all that old Hollywood stuff. This tour includes their choice among Instagram photo stops, a feel-like-a-local bike ride on the beach, and the chance to spot their favorite movie stars!

Our guides know the coolest places to go – making this family-friendly tour the perfect choice. This is truly a fun and safe way to see all of the cool things LA has to offer!

See Hollywood Boulevard with the Chinese Theater, Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Dolby Theater where Hollywood celebrates the Oscars, and the Roosevelt Hotel.

Next, we take you to the best view of the Hollywood Sign in LA. Then it’s off to Beverly Hills, and along the way, you’ll see the Sunset Strip. We’ll show you star homes of interest to teens and adults in Beverly Hills and Bel Air, and drive down Rodeo Drive.

Our LA tours for teens include a teens-related stop — choose between photo-taking at some Instagram photo spots or a stop at the La Brea Tar Pits.

You’ll lunch at the iconic Los Angeles Farmers Market for lunch — this is not farmers selling vegetables in stalls; it’s a collection of excellent food stands with all kinds of cuisine. You’ll also see the Grove before heading to Santa Monica and Venice Beach, where you’ll take in the Santa Monica Pier, Muscle Beach, and the Venice Canals.

We’ll take you on a fun bike ride that winds you through Venice and Santa Monica right on the beach. Just like the locals do!

All this plus our Multimedia Experience with film clips and photos of the star homes that you’re seeing. They will LOVE it and so will you! Let us do the work and make this a fun and memorable vacation for you and your family!

Dazzle Them With All This:

Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood Boulevard to see the Hollywood Sign, Walk of Fame, Kodak Theater, and Grauman’s Chinese Theater where you can see footprints, handprints, even “wand” prints of the stars from Harry Potter and Twilight

The Hollywood Sign
Get an up-close view of the Hollywood Sign for pictures they’ll show off to their friends

Star Homes
Star homes tweaked to see the stars they care about — Justin Timberlake, Jay Z and Beyonce, Jake Paul’s Team 10 house, Ashely Benson — plus the homes where Michael Jackson died, the Spelling Mansion (largest in LA) and more

Lunch at the Farmers Market
Lunch at the Farmers Market and walk through the Grove where the celebrities love to shop

A bike Ride from Venice Beach
A bike ride from Venice Beach to the Santa Monica Pier where you do the real California thing

Teens Activity
Choose either (1) photo ops at iconic Instagram walls in the famous Melrose District, or (2) The La Brea Tar Pits, where the skeletons of hundreds of Saber-Toothed Tigers, Mammoths, and Mastadons were found perfectly preserved in the oil-like tar goo. Or add time and do both!

The Sunset Strip
The Sunset Strip where Ariana, Liam, Justin Timberlake, and Zac Efron hang