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Meet Our Guides

Our guides are the best you’ll find in LA. We all live here, we know this city, and have diverse backgrounds that light up every tour. Plus, we all care — we care about you, your desire to get the most out of your visit to LA, and your safety. Learn more about each of them with the bios and videos below.

Meet Our Guides


Scott has been in the film animation industry for 30 years and lived in LA for the last 20. He has worked as Line Producer or Associate Producer in charge of production of an animated TV series for prestigious studios like Dreamworks Animation, Universal Animation, Sony Children’s TV Animation and Warner Bros. Animation. He has worked with celebrities such as Neil Patrick Harris, Jeffrey Tambor, Lenard Nimoy, Kathy Griffin and Ed Asner to name a few. Some of his varied credits include work on the animated series Tom & Jerry, Scooby-Doo, Spider-Man, Starship Troopers, and Land Before Time. He melds that experience with a love of classic Hollywood and meeting his famous neighbors in Beachwood Canyon to bring you a fascinatingly diverse tour.


Carter Glascock is a stand up comedian, actor and musician originally from the Southeast who came out to LA as many before him to pursue his dreams. What he didn’t count on was how immersed, obsessed and enthralled he became with the culture of Southern California. With a vast knowledge of film history and LA’s pivotal role in the development of cinema, one of his favorite things is pointing out where in LA your favorite film was made and where your favorite stars live and hang out. He’s learned from the best about truly getting the most out of the magical city of Los Angeles. He performs stand up comedy all over the city and can be heard on a number of LA podcasts.


Rivers came to LA to pursue a career in stand-up comedy and, like most people, immediately fell in love with Southern California. Like Kevin, Rivers can now be seen performing all throughout the thriving Los Angeles comedy scene. He has a love of pop culture, history, and literature. He also happens to be a walking encyclopedia of L.A. with a knack for storytelling. He will tell you anything you need to know.


Anna Valenzuela has been living in ,and exploring, Los Angeles sense 2005. Her love for Los Angeles comes from years of visiting family, facilitating educational activities, and from her unique experience as a stand up comic. She loves to show off Hollywood and Los Angeles’s rich cultural history along with every weird nook and cranny the city has to offer.


James Espinoza was born and raised in LA and lived the cliche as a starving actor. Talk about a real local! But things weren’t all bad — he’s starred in 20 national commercials, so you just might recognize him from the small screen. You’ll benefit from his years chasing auditions as he regales you with stories of life in the real LA behind the scenes of tinseltown. He gained even more behind the scenes knowledge with a stint at the front office of the Chateau Marmont, The Godfather of all celebrity hotels. So he was that proverbial fly on the wall as A-listers came and went through the lobby of this LA icon. If you’re lucky enough to have James as your guide you’ll get to hear what that “fly” has to say on your LA tour!


Rebecca Leib is a comedian and writer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin whose writing has been seen on NBC, Investigation Discovery, Disney, VICE, Buzzfeed, and in Reductress, The Rumpus, LAist, LAWEEKLY, ThoughtCatalog, Art Etc and Beautiful/Decay, to name a few. She has been seen performing comedy all over the country, including The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, Caroline’s, The Improv and Improv Lab, UCB (NY and LA) and hosts her own show at The Dynasty Typewriter. She loves true crime and offbeat Los Angeles history and has a podcast about abandoned, haunted and mysterious locations called “Ghost Town.” Check it out!