Our guides are the best you’ll find in LA. We all live here, we know this city, and have diverse backgrounds that light up every tour. Plus, we all care — we care about you, your desire to get the most out of your visit to LA, and your safety.

Learn more about each of them with the bios and videos below.


Rivers came to LA to pursue a career in stand-up comedy and, like most people, immediately fell in love with Southern California. Like Kevin, Rivers can now be seen performing all throughout the thriving Los Angeles comedy scene. He has a love of pop culture, history, and literature. He also happens to be a walking encyclopedia of L.A. with a knack for storytelling. He will tell you anything you need to know.


Scott has been in the film animation industry for 30 years and lived in LA for the last 20. He has worked as Line Producer or Associate Producer in charge of production of an animated TV series for prestigious studios like Dreamworks Animation, Universal Animation, Sony Children’s TV Animation and Warner Bros. Animation. He has worked with celebrities such as Neil Patrick Harris, Jeffrey Tambor, Lenard Nimoy, Kathy Griffin and Ed Asner to name a few. Some of his varied credits include work on the animated series Tom & Jerry, Scooby-Doo, Spider-Man, Starship Troopers, and Land Before Time. He melds that experience with a love of classic Hollywood and meeting his famous neighbors in Beachwood Canyon to bring you a fascinatingly diverse tour.



Stacey is a multi-talented actress and standup comedian who loves to travel. Having appeared in several movies and TV shows, Stacey studied acting at the Atlantic Acting School and found her way to Los Angeles to pursue her entertainment dreams. She was a reporter for Hollywood Gossip Site TMZ as well as a field reporter for various news outlets and has vast knowledge of Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. Our clients love her outgoing nature and her stories about celebrities and insight on Hollywood. Ask her about her favorite Cross Fit work out or her best friends from Australia and you will be entertained in more ways than one!


Anna Valenzuela has been living in ,and exploring, Los Angeles sense 2005. Her love for Los Angeles comes from years of visiting family, facilitating educational activities, and from her unique experience as a stand up comic. She loves to show off Hollywood and Los Angeles’s rich cultural history along with every weird nook and cranny the city has to offer.


Maggie is an actress/comedienne who just adores living in Los Angeles. She graduated with a degree in film and hosts weekly Movie Trivia nights using her giant brain vault of film knowledge. Maggie loves celebrities and can’t get enough of Old Hollywood. She also recently just won the showcase showdown on The Price is Right. A real dream come true!


Leigh Green is a former award-winning newspaper and showbiz photographer. Originally from London Leigh has been living in Los Angeles for over a decade and knows the celebrity hot spots inside out.

Leigh currently resides in Hollywood with his entertainment reporter wife, Claudia, and their two dogs Lord Byron and Oliver Twist!



  • “Don’t Hesitate….Just Do It!!”

    The tour was a lot of fun and he even took us to less well known spots for some great photo ops! Definitely recommend doing and would absolutely do another tour with these guys when next back in LA!

    ~ Kelly T

  • “Perfect fit for our family!”

    Our tour was AMAZING. This is one of the most professional companies I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

    ~ Michele G, El Segundo, California


    I can recall doing a bus tour of LA a number of years ago, and that tour did not remotely compare to what we experienced with our number one guide Rivers. Our family of four, including two boys aged 13 and 10, had the best day possible.

    ~ Lindsay O, Hepburn Springs, Australia

  • “Worth the Splurge”

    Eight hours seems like a lot of time, but the day just flew by. It was so fun and interesting. I would do this again with no regrets.

    The Kozars, Lethbridge, Canada

  • “Great family day”

    A big thank you to Scott for our fantastic LA tour!! We got all the sights in, in one day including a last minute shop @ Dash!! Scott was full of information and my family including my 3 year old had a fantastic day!! Highly recommend !!

    ~ Nicole9Aust

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