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Twilight in the Chinese Theater?

A week or so ago they immortalized the stars of the Twilight series with their own handprints in the forecort of Grauman’s Chinese Theater. I’m not big fan of people looking down on the new generation of stars, but I’m not a big fan of this group getting this honor, either.

If you’ve never seen the Chinese Theater, you should understand that it’s small. It’s small and it’s running out of space for new handprints. Thus the bar for entry should be very high — reserved only for the biggest stars with the most established careers. To join the likes of Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, hell even Johnny Depp, you should have appeared in more than one movie and its sequels.

The argument in favor would be that this is not about Robert Pattinson, et al, but rather it is celebrating this very successful series. The same was done for the Harry Potter movies, with the three main Hogwartians given their own spot a few years ago. But I can’t say I’m in favor of that one, either. It all stinks of a commercial opportunity to promote a movie, and the Chinese Theater plays along to keep itself in the news.

I’d be happier if there was more of a nod to history and accomplishment and less to making a few bucks. But that opinion is reallym just spitting into the wind when you’re in Hollywood.