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Haunted Hollywood

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Private Van Up To 6 People

Hollywood ghost tour

Murder, ghosts, and death in Hollywood! It’s all here when you join us on our Haunted Hollywood tour!

See where all the notorious, gory, and criminal events happened in Hollywood and LA. “If it bleeds, it leads!” See the places where the biggest headlines in LA have been made over the years.

This Oughtta Creep You Out:

The OJ Case
See where the murders and the slow speed chase happened and retrace and OJ’s trip back home after he did the deed.

Manson Tate Murders
See the location where Charlie’s “Family” butchered Sharon Tate, terrorized Hollywood, and inspired “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood.”

The Sunset Strip
The places where have partied for decades is also where John Belushi and River Phoenix OD’d.

The Menendez House
In the 1990s two spoiled boys violently killed their parents for the inheritance — see the Beverly Hills house where it happened.

Michael Jackson’s house
See the beautiful mansion where Michael passed away.

Haunted Places
Visit a bar and hotel that are both haunted — and hear the scary tales.

Cemetery Stop
Stop at a cemetery where even many movie stars are lying for eternity.

And more!