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Take a Tour, Star in a Commercial!

Some of our lucky guests got to be stars on their tour. Normally we just do Los Angeles tours and don’t act as talent agents, but this day turned out to be a bit different.

Our guide Kevin was taking his group through Hollywood and pointing out the stage behind the Jimmy Kimmel Live show when he noticed filming on the next lot over. Naturally he went to investigate – on our tours we always try to get you a glimpse of Hollywood in action whenever possible – and noticed that they were filming a commercial for the oh-so-delish Hot Pockets.

Now filming like this is not uncommon in Hollywood, and we see it often on our tours. What WAS unusual was the director’s request that our LA Insider Tours guests join in the commercial!

We know actors and actresses that go to up to 100 auditions in Hollywood and Beverly Hills to get that one invite to star in a commercial. They drive all over Los Angeles on auditions, call-backs, meetings with agents — not to mention all the work they do on their look, hair, style, and so forth.

And then here all you had to do is be on one of our tours at the right time and the right place, and suddenly your starring in a Hot Pockets commercial. You’re basically ready for your own stylist and entourage.

They got to pose with the Hot Pockets and talk about why they are their favorite go-to meal. They didn’t get Hollywood makeup or hair, unfortunately, I guess they were going for the authentic on the street look.

So remember, it actually DOES pay to keep your eyes open when you’re traveling around Hollywood and Los Angeles. You just never know when you’ll get your big break!