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Sledding on the Beaches in LA

One of the things we always talk about when discussing LA is its close proximity to the mountains. During the winter you can have breakfast in the sunshine and then hop in the car and be at one of your favorite ski slopes in the afternoon. But if you don’t feel like driving too far to strap on your snow board or put your sled to good use, you can still enjoy these winter activities… at the beach. Yes, we are talking about sand-sledding and while we love snow just as much as the next person, we love sand sledding even more.

You can participate in this popular trend at many of our LA beaches that have large hills of packed sand where you can “sled” or “snowboard” to your hearts content . While we would love to think these man made hills were made solely for our enjoyment, they are actually sand berms that prevent the beach from flooding during the winter months. The Department of Beaches and Harbors brings in bulldozers to push dry sand from the ocean side of the beach into mounds that are 10 to 12 feet high; some mounds are as long as 416 yards. No foreign materials are used. It takes approximately three to five days to construct one mound and three weeks to complete the full set along the coastline.

Now for the places to play in your sand adventure — Venice Beach has a great location. The berm stretches from the pier all along the length of the south parking lot, and they are known to be some of the biggest berms on the coast. When you are finished sledding, you can take a walk on the beach or go check out Venice’s famous boardwalk where you can do one of our other favorite sports = people watching.

Another great spot for sledding is the Hermosa Pier. They are not very big berm’s so they are perfect for smaller children and their parents looking to have a fun getaway. For bigger ones, check out the berms at Zuma Beach. These are much steeper than other beaches, therefore better for using your snowboard on. After you are done there, you can explore the caves or take a little hike through Malibu.

There are so many fun things to do in LA and great places to explore. Take a tour with us and discover the beaches and so much more! Call us today to discover LA!