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Reality Show Tour


The Real Housewives, The Kardashians, Teen Mom, Abbey Lee and…. you. Yes, now you too can star in your own reality show while on a tour with LA Insider Tours! While it may not be broadcast on a major television network, you will enjoy your day with us and feel what it is like to be on a reality show with a camera following your every move.

Sit back and watch as the crowds wonder who you are while our camera crew catches your reactions to some of LA’s most famous sights. You will be interviewed throughout the duration of the tour about what your favorite things to see and do in LA have been as well as anything else you want to share on camera. Plus, you will get the excitement of seeing what it is really like behind the scenes of a reality show.

You can choose a 4 hour or an 8 hour option for your reality day with us. Every tour is completely customizable which means you make the day – and your show – your own. From the beaches to the Hollywood Sign to Downtown LA, all of LA is yours to explore. The best part is, you will get a copy of the edited tour after you have already headed home and you can relive the tour experience all over again.

So while you might not be on the cover of People Magazine (just yet!), we want to help make your vacation and Hollywood dreams a reality while you are here. Book now for this or one of our many other tours!