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Planning your Summer Vacation in LA

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Spring has arrived…. which means that summer vacation is only a couple of months away. Yes. Summer. That magical time where your days seem to be endless and your children seem to be…well, everywhere. It’s not too early to start planning your summer vacation. Hotels and flights are already starting to book up. If you are traveling to Los Angeles this year over the summer ( and that is a GREAT idea!), here are some travel tips to help you create a great vacation while here!


The Hotels

Your flight is one thing… but choosing a great hotel to stay in is essential when traveling. While we hope you don’t spend too much of your vacation in your room, you still want it to be clean and nice with a comfortable bed that will help you get good rest before you spend your days exploring.

If you want to be close to the beach, then Santa Monica is the perfect location for you. There is a ton of stuff to do there during the day and some fantastic beach side locations that you can dine or get a few drinks at. Beverly Hills is a wonderful location because it is between the beach and Hollywood so you can get to both areas relatively quickly and being in Beverly Hills means that your accommodations will be luxe. Downtown LA is also a good option. A short drive to most areas, Downtown is a fun place to stay and with its rejuvenation in recent years, you will find awesome hotel accommodations. For recommendations on places to stay, check out our recent blog posts with hotels in every price range from budget to mid-price to luxury.


Tour with us!

Want to get the lay of the land first? Then call us! Since everyone at LA Insider Tours loves to travel, we know how difficult it can be navigating a new city. Additionally, we understand that our clients want to get the most out of their dollar while here and they don’t want to waste any time seeing places and things that hold no interest to them. That is why we made our tours a fully customizable experience. We will show you all of LA – from Hollywood to Downtown to the Beaches and beyond and the best part is LA Insider Tours truly treats everyone like a part of the family. You can check out all of our tour offerings at Once you have seen all of LA, then you can decide which areas you want to explore more!


The Beaches

You can’t come to LA without at least visiting one of our beaches. Well… you can, but that wouldn’t be any fun. With long stretches of sand tons of stuff do do at the beach besides getting a tan, a day at the beach is definitely what your vacation calls for. If you like to surf, then check out Surf riders beach in Malibu. If you have young children then you might want to look into some of our family friendly beaches like Seaside Lagoon, Mother’s Beach or the Annenberg Beach House in Santa Monica. If you love beach volleyball, check out Manhattan Beach or Redondo. You can also stop at one of the many bike and roller blade rental shacks dotted along the beach and take a nice ride (or roll) along the concrete bath situated in the sand. If you like to explore, then Leo Carillo State Beach might be the one for you. You will LOVE the tide pools , reefs and the sea caves along this 1.5 mile stretch of beach.



Now, if you are in LA, then you need plan some time to shop. We have it all. From the shops along the famous Rodeo Drive to quirky stores along Melrose, LA offers shoppers a little bit of everything.  On one of our many tours, you will get the chance to visit some awesome shopping areas in and around Los Angeles.  And if you love TV and movies, well then look no further than Whimsic Alley and It’s A Wrap, which are two of the coolest shops for your favorite Hollywood memorabilia. The Grove is a fantastic place to shop as well. this huge outdoor mall has all of your favorite stores, but it is also an unexpected shopping experience within this little city nestled in Los Angeles. For fans of the Kardashian family, then stop by their store – Dash – and you won’t be disappointed!

If you love outdoor shopping, then you should also check out 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. Within walking distance to the beach and Santa Monica Pier, Third Street offers a great variety of stores and wonderful restaurants. One of the perks of this fantastic outdoor arena is the variety of musicians and performers that you will find along its path. You can stop and watch a mime perform or listen to the songs from a one man band or enjoy the dancers along this cobble stone route.

Amusement Parks

Amusement Parks

You could fill up a whole week with the various amusement parks that surround Los Angeles. From Magic Mountain in Santa Clarita to the house that the mouse built (yes, Disneyland) in Anaheim, to Universal Universal Studios here in LA and Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park – you can have fun day trips every day. If you have older children or its just you and your friends, we recommend Six Flags Magic Mountain. For the kiddos, we recommend Disneyland (of course) or Knotts Berry Farm. For a good mix for any age, we love Universal Studios (and the drive isn’t as long). Any of these options is a fun way to spend your day on vacation in Los Angeles.

Planning your summer vacation can be almost as much fun as going on it. With so much to do and see in LA, make it your destination!

We can take you to all of these places and more on one of our 5-Star rated Private Tours! Choose from our All LA in a Day, the half day Hollywood Experience, or even Build Your Own Tour of any length and choose exactly what you want to see. We have had a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor since 2011 and all of our tours are completely private, custom tours with just you and your family — like your friend in LA taking you around town.

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