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Movie Memorabilia Shopping in LA

While in Los Angeles, you will find a ton of cool places to shop. On one of our many tours, you will get the chance to visit some awesome shopping areas in and around Los Angeles.  And if you love TV and movies, well then look no further than Whimsic Alley and It’s A Wrap, which are two of the coolest shops for your favorite Hollywood memorabilia.

If you or your loved ones love Harry Potter, Doctor Who & Game of Thrones, then Whimisc Alley is the place to be.  It’s possible that you may not be getting on King’s Cross Station Platform 9 ¾ headed to Hogsmeade Station any time soon, but you can still enter the world of Harry Potter at this very unique and special store. While there, you can pick up an authentic wizarding school uniform, hat and wand – all of them professional quality. They have robes, ties, sweaters, even Quidditch gear available in the appropriate House colors and in youth and adult sizes.  Additionally, there are several themed boutiques inside the store that feature a variety of merchandise, including books, jewelry, gift items and movie tie in products. Named best party place in LA  by LA Parent, Whimsic Alley also features  a Hogwarts style great hall that you can use for parties, like Whimsic’s great murder mystery dinners and not so formal teas. In fact, on February 15th, Whimsic Alley is hosting a Downton Abbey High Tea. We would say “party on, dude” to that but it would be the wrong era and characters, so instead we will just call on the footman to serve us more crumpets.  Definitely a must see in LA.

If you love movie and TV memorabilia or want to own the same clothing seen in or used for TV and movie shows then It’s A Wrap will be perfect for you.  With two locations, one in Burbank and the other in Beverly Hills, It’s A Wrap picks up the clothes from wardrobe departments and brings them to the public. The clothes in the shop hang on racks that have signs bearing the name of the film the clothes were in or sometimes even the celebrity who wore them.  The best part is that the items they sell there are made by high end designers and because it is a consignment store you can get a great deal along with a fun story about your new outfit.  So now you can look like a star while hanging out in Hollywood – talk about playing the part!

Come experience these great stores and so much more on our  Teens & Tweeners   or one of our other tours!