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The Magic Castle

Cary Grant, Steve Martin, Johnny Carson, Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Alexander. Great actors, incredible comedians and…magicians. Yes, magic. And where did they perform their magic skills? Kids birthday parties? Nope – can you imagine Cary Grant performing magic tricks at a birthday party? They have all performed at The Magic Castle.

Located in a mansion built in 1908 in Hollywood, The Magic Castle is a showplace for some of the greatest magicians from around the world. Nestled just a few minutes away from the bustle of Hollywood Boulevard, this building has stood for over 100 years as a testament to time and seen Hollywood grow and change.  A very private and exclusive club, you can only gain entry to the Magic Castle if you are a member OR if you have permission from a member to go.  Once inside you will enjoy the Victorian, almost Disneyland-like atmosphere, an incredible show and a great meal. Opened in 1963 as a place for magicians and to celebrate magic, The Magic Castle, which is a Los Angeles Historic-cultural monument , is one of the coolest clubs in Los Angeles.  Besides the great shows, if you are interested in becoming a magician yourself you can take classes there. Once you have mastered the art of magic, you can go on to become a member of this very exclusive club. To become a member of the Magic Castle, you have to actively practice magic either as a hobby or career. There is an in-person interview where you need to perform an array of magic tricks before being accepted into the club.  They take their magic and the art of it very seriously, which is probably why so many people love it so much.

If you are in town for a visit and don’t know any members of the Magic Castle, then you might want to consider a stay at the Magic Castle Hotel. Named one of our 5 favorite mid priced hotels in Los Angeles ,  The Magic Castle Hotel is a hidden gem in Los Angeles.  This former apartment building boasts large rooms with full kitchens – perfect for families. You can easily walk to Hollywood Boulevard and some awesome Hollywood hot spots. As a guest of the hotel you will get access to The Magic Castle – which is less than a membership  and an experience you will never forget.

The next time you are in LA, you should visit The Magic Castle AND let LA Insider Tours show you around this incredible, magical town.