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Lindsay Moving Out?

Yes, sad but true. For the past year or so Lindsay Lohan (or her Venice home, at least) has been gracing our tours. No longer. The other day there were a couple of moving trucks outside her large Venice Beach townhouse packin’ her up and out. Reports say that the 64 year old man who was recently arrested for banging on her door and refusing to leave until she answered was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Mucho papparazzi, tour buses (ahem, and private tour cars like ours), and nuts like this guy made Linday decide enough was enough. Hard to blame her, though, as her townhouse really is right out there on the street and utterly unprotected. One of our esteemed clients once got a mailing label off of one of her opened and empty packages outside her door. Guess we’ll have to look elsewhere for cheap thrills. But Samantha Ronson is still next door!