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Instagram Your Vacation

a bridge over a river

A picture is worth a thousand words….or so they say. These days, with social media, it comes down to characters, but thankfully we can read between the #hashtags to discover a picture’s meaning. Since most of us are plugged in 24/7 these days, it is no wonder that those vacation photos that used to take days to develop AFTER you got home from your vacation are now posted on instagram, Facebook and are tweeted and re-tweeted before you even get back to the hotel.

We love taking our clients to picture-worthy locations on our tours. And many of these awesome places are some of the most instagrammed places in Los Angeles. While there are many, here are a few of our favorites. Let us take you there. We guarantee you and your friends and family will “like” “Love” and comment on them!


Built as a part of the “Venice of America” Plan that the founder of Venice Beach had, the Venice Beach Canals are famous for their man made canals running along a residential district. On the National Register of Historic Places since 1982, you can walk along its beautiful pathways and see some historic homes that have been renovated and some beautiful new construction as well. While you can no longer take a gondola ride along the canal, it is still a beautiful gem in Venice.  Truly a little part of Italy in California.


You can’t visit Los Angeles without at least seeing one of the most iconic signs in the world. And we love taking our clients up into the hills to get as close as possible to the sign and get fun and fantastic pictures worthy of Social Media. The Hollywood Sign is not only indicative of Los Angeles, but of the entertainment industry, which L.A. is famous for. When it was built in 1923, it was meant to be a massive outdoor ad campaign for a new housing development known as “Hollywoodland”. Constructed from metal squares, each of the 13 letters was 30 feet wide and approximately 43 feet tall and lit up at night.  While the housing development eventually failed due to the Great Depression, the sign still stayed and the city eventually removed the “land” from the title to create the now famous sign, “Hollywood”.


The iconic Urban Lights display outside of LACMA . Now 10 years old, Urban Lights is a large-scale assemblage sculpture by Chris Burden located on Wilshire Boulevard. The installation consists of 202 restored street lamps from the 1920s and 1930s. Most of them once lit the streets of Southern California. The cast iron street lamps are of 17 styles, which vary depending on the municipality that commissioned them. They range from about 20 to 30 feet (6 to 9 meters), are painted a uniform gray and placed, forest-like, in a near grid. The lights are solar powered from dusk to dawn. So not only are they a great place to take pictures, they are energy efficient, which is a sign of being a true Californian! Our clients love seeing this sculpture and always ask if they can stop and take a picture — which we happily oblige!


Want to show your followers some of the best views in Los Angeles? The Griffith Observatory is the place to go. The most visited public observatory in the world, The Griffith Observatory hosts around 1 million people a year. It is also where James Dean gave one of his iconic performances in “Rebel Without a Cause” and Charlie’s Angels kicked into action in “Full Throttle”. Where meteors crash to earth in “Transformers” and is the welcome center of “Jurassic Park” (the original). There are so many wonderful things about the Griffith Observatory and so many spots to take epic photos that we are sure will be shared over and over again!


Los Angeles is lucky enough to have several of artist Colette Miller’s Angel Wings murals across the city. One of the most instagrammed images in the world, the images are a part of the Global Angel Wings Project that strives to “remind humanity that we are the Angels of this Earth” (Colette Miller). This global project has found its way to Kenya, Australia, Taiwan, France, Cuba, Juarez Mexico, New York and many other places. You can find the wings in the Arts District, at Angel City Brewery, Regent Theater, on Melrose Avenue and the Glendale Transportation Center. We have clients ask us over and over to take them to see the wings so they can take a picture. We love introducing everyone to one of our favorite parts of Los Angeles.