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Hollywood Walk of Fame Getting Facelift

Hollywood is nothing if not obsessed with its looks, so the Walk of Fame is looking to get a facelift of its own. Work has started on some of the more dilapidated Walk of Fame stars in some of the most heavily-traffiked areas. The folks at the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce are hoping to get funding to rehab the rest of the 2-mile (1.2 km)-long icon.

And where are they looking for the cash? From the studios and record companies that already pay for most of the upkeep. If you’ve taken one of our tours, you’ll know that the celebrities honored with a star on the Walk of Fame get the further honor of paying a $30,000 tab for the privilege. Of course that bill is usually paid by the studios and record companies that benefit from the promotion the stars ceremonies provide.

Now after supporting the Walk of Fame the studios are being asked to pony up more — to the tune of $4 million to finish the renovations. The Walk of Fame could definitely use the work. Let’s see if the big wigs are ready to get it done.