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The Hollywood Walk of Fame

In Hollywood, stars are everywhere.  In fact, only in Hollywood you can see stars by looking up and by looking down. Of course, we are talking about The Hollywood Walk of Fame.  No doubt about it, one of the most iconic things about Hollywood is the historic Walk of Fame – where you can literally walk all over your favorite stars. Running 1.3 miles East to West on Hollywood Boulevard, the walk consists of over 2,500 five pointed terrazzo and brass stars embedded along the sidewalk.

Originally conceived in the 1950’s, the walk was created to encourage redevelopment of Hollywood Boulevard. While it took close to a decade to come to fruition, The Hollywood Walk of Fame attracts 10 million visitors annually. Some of our favorite actors, directors, producers, musicians & performers have the opportunity to be nominated for a star in 5 different categories – Motion Picture, Television, Recording, Radio and Theatre/Live Performance. A celebrity can have a star in all of these categories. The only person, to date, to receive all 5 is the incomparable singing cowboy Gene Autry.

The best thing about the walk is that it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can visit your favorite celebrities whenever you’d like. And when you go home, you can say that you had a cup of coffee with a famous star and not be lying ;). Come visit these stars (and many others) with us a LA Insider Tours.