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Hollywood Museum

a city street in front of a building

hollywood museum

If you are looking for some Hollywood history and a great display of memorabilia from the movies and the history of Hollywood, than look no further than the Hollywood Museum. Located near Hollywood & Highland in the old Max Factor make-up factory (yes, THAT Max Factor), the Hollywood museum has a mash up of some awesome artifacts from the entertainment industry.
It has over 10,000 items including costumes, props, photographs, scripts and other artifacts throughout the 4 (yes, 4!) floors of the building. You can see costumes from some of the most popular movies in Hollywood from today and yesterday , including “Men in Black” and “Cleopatra”. Also there, you will find the “Planet of the Apes” costumes and crashed space shuttle as well as Rocky’s boxing gloves (signed by Sylvester Stallone!). There is also a large display of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia – including her Playboy spread and the last check she ever wrote. And if you are wondering who she wrote it to… you will just have to go to the museum to see it. Ok… it was her housekeeper.

And in an interesting turn of history – the bathroom from Roddy McDowells house is also in the museum. Apparently it was a very beloved bathroom that many celebrities visited over the year’s at Roddy’s huge parties. It has notes, signatures and pictures all over it from some very famous people. After his death, McDowell’s friends insisted that the bathroom be preserved… and now that you know it is there, you wouldn’t want to “flush”away your opportunity to see it, would you? What can we say…Hollywood is an interesting place!

Probably one of the neatest displays is Hannibal Lector’s jail cell in the basement level of the museum. This, of course was shown in “The Silence of the Lambs” as well as “Red Dragon”. You will even find the chair that Jodi Foster sat in outside the cell just waiting for Clarice to return.

This is just one of the many different places you can see on a visit to Hollywood.

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