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Hiking in Los Angeles

Last week we talked about fun activities to do on the water. If you are more of a land lover and like to exercise and explore at the same time, then check out some of the great hiking trails we have all over Los Angeles. Most of these hiking trails have a great story behind them OR are frequented by celebrities. Whether you just want a short, easy hike or one that will take you to see the amazing vistas of Los Angeles, you can find them all in this great city.

First, let’s talk about Runyon Canyon. Probably one of the most well known trails here in LA, given that it is a celebrity favorite. Another plus is that you can have your dog off leash there and it is fantastic for people watching. Don’t see celebrities? You can still enjoy the views of the stunning million dollar mansions all around as well as views of the Hollywood Sign, Sunset Strip and LA Basin.

Griffith Park is a great place to do a little exploring and take a hike. There are many different hiking trails, whether you want a short or a long hike. The 10th largest municipally owned park in the United States, Griffith park spans over 4300 acres of land. While there, you can hike up to the Griffith Observatory where several tv shows and movies have been filmed. You can also do a shorter hike and check out Bronson Cave, otherwise known as the “batcave” given that is where the opening scene of the popular tv show “Batman” was filmed.

You can also head towards to beach for some amazing hiking trails. Check out Will Rogers State Park where you can explore the grounds of what used to be the ranch of Will Rogers and his family. A State Park since the death of his wife in 1944, you get views of both the sea and the mountains when you hike here. Inspiration Point is a popular hiking destination here or you can hike around the perimeter into Topanga State Park.

Finally, Malibu is not just the seaside home for celebrities, it is also fantastic for hiking. Whether you want to explore the Paramount Ranch, check out the set of MASH, or even just enjoy nature and the beautiful creek that runs through Malibu Creek State Park, you can do it all here. There are many different trails you can take from ones for people who would just like to take a short hike to ones that are longer and more challenging.

There is so much to do and see in LA, we hope you come and explore it with us!