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Popular Filming Locations in Los Angeles

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We love movies – and it’s a good thing, because we do live in Los Angeles! There are a ton of great locations in LA to film. And with the popularity of a certain Oscar nominated film, one of these locations has become a hub of activity lately. Can’t guess what it is? Don’t worry, we have listed it below. Here are a few of our favorite movie locations in L.A.

Griffith Observatory

It’s where James Dean gave one of his iconic performances in “Rebel Without a Cause” and Charlie’s Angels kicked into action in “Full Throttle”. It’s where meteors crash to earth in “Transformers” and is the welcome center of “Jurassic Park”. And, of course, Oscar winner Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling danced there in the award winning movie, “La La Land”. When it is not starring in movies, The Griffith Observatory is the most visited public observatory in the world, hosting around 1 million people a year. It is one of the first institutions in the United States that was dedicated to public science and is still a national leader in public astronomy. Entrance to the Observatory is free as was stipulated in the will of Griffith J. Griffiths who left the land to the city. While at the Observatory, you can view shows at the Samuel Oshchin Planetarium for a nominal fee or participate in monthly public star parties, daily talks and presentations, and periodic special events. Last, but certainly not least, you can view the spectacular, sweeping views of Los Angeles from atop this amazing part of Los Angeles.

Testing hands at Graumans Chinese Theater

Graumans Chinese Theatre

One of the most iconic places in Hollywood, Grumman’s Chinese Theater has taken center stage (or screen) in several movies over the years, including Woody Allen’s “Cafe Society” in 2016. Since 1927, Grauman’s Chinese Theater (now known as TCL Chinese Theater after the naming rights were sold to a Chinese corporation) has been THE spot for Hollywood’s biggest premieres. One of the most well-known features of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is it’s front walkway where you can see the handprints and footprints of famous movie stars. There have only been about 175 star prints made so far, and the remaining empty space in the theatre’s small forecourt is scarce – so the honor is has normally been reserved solely for true Hollywood superstars.Eddie Murphy, Tom Cruise, Michael Keaton, Mel Gibson received the honor of placing their hands and feet in the famous wet cement. So did directors Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, along with the “Star Wars” characters of Darth Vader, R2D2 and C-3PO.
In July of 2007, the three young stars of the “Harry Potter” movies (Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson & Rupert Grint) placed their hand, foot and wand-prints in the wet cement.
In November 2011, the three main stars of the Twilight saga were similarly enshrined. The prints of Taylor Lautner, Kristin Stewart, and Robert Pattinson are a real hit with our younger travelers.

Dodger Stadium

One of the most popular movie franchises, “The Fast and the Furious” is a favorite amongst many of our clients and the filming locations are some of the most requested. One of the filming locations is a favorite of ours – Dodger Stadium. The third oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball, Dodger stadium was constructed in 1959.Often referred to as a “pitcher’s ballpark”, the stadium has seen 11 no-hitters, two of which were perfect games. Home to major league baseball’s Dodgers (hence the name), who have won 6 World Series titles and 21 national league pennants. Originally known as the Brooklyn Dodgers, they were the first franchise to hire an African American baseball player. Jackie Robinson is also one of the first African American’s elected to the baseball Hall of Fame.

After moving from Brooklyn to Los Angeles in the 1950’s due to the fact that LA was willing to offer the owner what New York would not – land and a stadium worthy of the franchise – the Dodgers won their second world series in their 2nd year in California. Famous players such as Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, Jackie Robinson, Duke Snyder, Greg Maddux, Pedro Martinez and Clayton Kershaw have been members of the team.

Los Angeles Arboretum

One of the most beloved movies of all time – “Mary Poppins” – is considered one of Walt Disney’s masterpieces. The movie is based on a series of books (yes, a series!) of the same name written by P.L. Travers. In the 1960’s, Disney wanted to turn the beloved book into a movie, which Ms. Travers resisted for a long time. Thankfully, Disney prevailed and now it is watched generation after generation and loved by all. One of the settings in the movie was the Los Angeles Arboretum. Located in Arcadia, which is located about 30 minutes from LA, The Arboretum is a 127 acre botanical garden and historical site. The Arboretum offers many horticultural/botanical classes, programs, shows, and workshops throughout the year for people of all ages, and also hosts arts and craft expositions, summer camps, educational fairs, field walks, and outdoor concerts. And, of course, it has been a major filming location since the 1940’s. Besides “Fantasy Island”, other notable TV shows that have been filmed at the Arboretum have been “Daniel Boone”, “Mission Impossible”, “Wonder Woman”, “The Love Boat”, “Hart to Hart”, “Dallas”, “Falcon Crest” and many others. Plus the Queen Anne cottage was also used as the home of

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