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Our Favorite TV Family Homes

Los Angeles is truly a stage in which many of our favorite TV shows come to life. Because all of our tours are fully customizable and private, we are able to take our clients to many of the filming locations from TV shows that they know and love. We get a lot of requests to see the homes of the families who live in the award winning television series “Modern Family” and happily make these requests a reality. Each of the families lives in a home distinctive to them and they are all located in Los Angeles. Here is a little more about these homes that we allow into OUR living rooms every week.

Claire & Phil

Located in Cheviot Hills, near Westwood and Century City, this home was built in 2006. It boasts 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms and is over 2,700 square feet. While the exterior of the home is shared with millions of viewers, the interior is not. Re-created on a sound stage, they “built” the home to be what the shows creative director describes as “Pottery Barn meets Restoration Hardware.” There are a lot of great, comfortable colors used that make the house seem put together and lived in all at the same time. The real house recently sold for close to $3 Million. Sounds like Phil is doing well in his real estate business.

Mitchell & Cam

Located in Century City, the Spanish duplex where Mitchell and Cam live was built in the 1920’s. It was chosen because it looks a lot like homes in the Hancock Park area where their characters live. The interior of the house, or soundstage, is also a lot like an original home you would find in Hancock Park with arched doorways and tiled kitchen. According to the production design team, they wanted their home to show a couple that is transitioning into parenthood, so you find a lot of touches that pre-baby people might have in their home. It is very stylish but you still feel like you can sit down and put your feet up on the coffee table.

Gloria & Jay

This house, located in Brentwood, was “found” by one of the co-creators of the show. And when we say “found”, we mean he drove by it on the way to work everyday since it is down the street from his house. As he drove by it, he thought about how a character like Jay would live in a home like this. He is a wealthy, self-made man who is on his second marriage to a much younger woman. The house has a lot of modern influences and the front door is very cool. However, inside is a different story. While you can see Jay’s bachelor starkness with the black and white walls and furniture, you see a lot of Gloria’s Columbian influence as well with bold colors and patterns. All in all, it works well in bringing two characters and their influences to the show together.

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