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Discovering the Ronald Regan Presidential Library

In the past, we have talked about the many museums that Los Angeles has to offer. The California Science Center, the Natural History Museum and The LA County Museum of Art among others. There is one, however, just a freeway drive away in the hills of Simi Valley that you should take the time to visit if you have it. Of course we are talking about the Ronald Regan Presidential Library.

If you are a history buff, then visiting the museum is a must. You can learn a lot about American in the 1980’s and see the various artifacts of this President who many people loved. Since Regan called California home, it was important that a museum in his honor be built here. Originally, it was supposed to be built in Northern California, but when those plans fell through, it found its home here in Southern California. It is currently the largest of the 13 federally operated Presidential Libraries in the United States. In fact, this final resting place of the 40th President of the United States is also an extremely popular museum and has the largest yearly attendance of all of the Presidential Libraries.

What is so unique about this museum is not just the interesting artifacts from his 8 year term in office. The library houses over sixty million documents and records from Reagan’s tenure as the Governor of California and the President of the United States. It also tells a story of a man who ran this country as well as his wife who stood by his side. It combines both culture and a personal touch and you leave the library feeling as if you knew a little more about Ronald Regan as you learn about his early life from college to his film career and much more.

A huge draw to this library is the Airforce One Museum. This 90,000-square-foot exhibit hangar serves as the setting for the permanent display of the Boeing 707 aircraft utilized as Air Force One during Reagan’s administration. The aircraft, SAM 27000, was also used by six other presidents until it retired in 2001. It is displayed onto raised pedestals 25 feet above ground which makes you feel like it is mid-air. Also on display is Marine One, which was the President’s helicopter. This display makes a trip to the museum a lot of fun for any age. Another fun exhibit is the replica of the Oval office.

The outside of the museum is also incredible. The hilltop grounds provide expansive views of the area, a re-creation of a portion of the White House Lawn as well as a piece from the Berlin Wall. It’s peaceful location makes it a great place to visit any time of the year. And given Southern California’s fantastic weather, it is not to be missed.

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