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CicLAvia Takes Over Venice Beach

Yesterday a part of LA ditched the cars and went the way of the bicycle in the 10th CicLAVia event.  CicLAvia is held biannually and is meant to give traffic-stressed Angelenos a break from gridlock.  The specified route is closed to vehicles, making the street safe for biking, walking, skateboarding, you name it.  It’s a temporary park established on LA’s normally crazy streets.

The event yesterday stretched from Olvera Street in downtown LA all the way to Venice Beach — 15 miles in total.

The original Ciclavias started in Bogota, Colombia, as a way to reduce traffic and pollution in that city, and the concept has spread throughout Latin America and now since 2010 to LA.

The next scheduled CicLAvia will be on Wilshire Boulevard on June 23.

Learn more at the CicLAvia website.