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Celebrity Spotting in Los Angeles

Naturally most visitors on our Los Angeles tours have high hopes that they’ll spot a celebrity on their tour. Perhaps they’ll spot Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie getting an ice cream at the Farmers Market or maybe Kim Kardashian sashaying on Rodeo Drive or Melrose Avenue. We certainly can’t promise you’ll see a celebrity while you’re on a tour of Hollywood or Beverly Hills, but it does happen. I tell people on our tours that around 1 in 5 will see one.

We try to take you to the hot spots where you may see a celeb on tour — good places are indeed the Farmers Market, the Grove, Robertson Boulevard. At the Farmers Market we’ve seen David Beckham, Alessandria Ambrosio, Minnie Driver, 50 Cent and others. We’ve seen them shooting Entourage at the Farmers Market and Roosevelt Hotel. Bruce Willis even cut off one of our tours on Santa Monica Boulevard.

We will often go a little extra though to get you in front of someone famous. We can make sure you’re there for a handprint ceremony at the Chinese Theater, where clients on our tours have seen Ben Stiller introduced by Tom Cruise and Kim Novak installed by Debbie Reynolds. We can also make sure you’re there if someone’s getting their star on the Walk of Fame like we have with James Franco and Orlando Bloom.

We also sometimes get lucky – like when we stop at a filming location and stars graciously come out to say hello, as LL Cool J, John Stamos, and Sharon Stone have done. Sharon Stone even did a little video for one of the girls on our Hollywood Experience tour.

So come enjoy LA with us. We can’t promise you’ll meet someone famous, but you just might. And one thing’s for sure — you’ll have a great time along the way.