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Carroll Avenue

We talk a lot about the various neighborhoods in Los Angeles, from the ultra rich to the middle class, suburban areas and everything in between. All are rolled into this fascinating city that we call home. One thing that is really cool about the neighborhoods in LA is that so many of the older, historical homes are still standing and restored beautifully. If you want to see an example of this, we suggest you take a trip down the 1300 Block of Carroll Avenue. Located in Angelino Heights, which is one of the older neighborhoods in Los Angeles, this street is filled with beautiful Victorian era homes.

Angelino Heights was considered to be the first suburb of Los Angeles when it was established in 1887, and is located just northwest of downtown LA. Carroll Avenue and the immediate vicinity within Angelino Heights holds the largest concentration of Victorian-era architecture in Los Angeles, and contains more than a dozen Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments. Carroll Avenue’s 19th century Victorian manors were home to some some of LA’s most prominent residents of the time including merchant Aaron P. Philips in 1887, real estate agent Charles C. Haskin in 1894, and warehouse operator Michael Sanders in 1887. While the neighborhood has gone through many changes over the last 100+ years,many of its homes are still just as gorgeous as the day they were built.

Not only does the street have significant historical value, but it has significant Hollywood value as well. As you step on to the street, you feel like you are on the backlot of a famous movie studio. You have seen a lot of the homes in some of your favorite movies, tv shows and commercials. Probably the most well known house on the street was featured in the popular show “Charmed”. While “Charmed” is set in San Francisco, the exterior of the home that housed the Halliwell sisters is located at 1329 Carroll Avenue. The Charmed House is almost 3,000 square feet and has 5 bedrooms and, while we are sure the Halliwell sisters could have conjured up at least another one, it has also one bathroom. If you don’t recognize that home then check out 1345 Carroll Avenue which was featured at the end of Michael Jackson’s iconic video “Thriller” or take a walk over to 1355 Caroll Avenue and you will find “Mad Men” Don Draper’s childhood home.

You can take a trip down this historical lane and see so many other amazing sites on a tour with us. Contact us now to book a great Los Angeles adventure.