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Amazing Beaches in L.A. For Every Vacation

a group of people in a body of water next to the ocean

With summer so close we can see the vacation notations on our calendar, it’s time to get beach ready for your trip to Los Angeles. One of our favorite things about Los Angeles is that there are so many beach options – there is a little something for everyone. Love to surf? Check. Looking for something family friendly? Check. Want to play volleyball? Check. Want to swim in an ocean or in a pool? Check. Looking for some peace and quiet? Check. Check. Check out some of our favorite beaches… for everyone.

Surfrider Beach

One of the best point breaks on the West Coast, Surfrider Beach is famous for, you guessed it, surfing. The waves peel off the point so perfectly it’s almost like the were man-made. Walk the Malibu Pier for a perfect view of the action. Even on small days this place is crowded with surfers — but don’t worry, the Pier is usually blissfully crowd-free.For real fun watch “Gidget” before making your way over here — you’ll recognize this as the beach the show made famous.

Mother’s Beach

The name of this beach says it all. Perfect for small children especially. Located at Marine Park, Mother’s Beach is about an hour from LA in Long Beach which is a nice place to take a day trip to. Virtually no waves make it ideal for families and a great playground and close proximity to bathrooms make it an ideal location. There is a shallow swimming area which is roped off from the rest of the bay. A bonus is that the parking and a restaurant are in close proximity so you won’t be schlepping a long way to get to your destination with kids in tow. If your kids are early risers, that is a plus because it means you will get the best spot on this beach. It can get crowded on the weekends, but if you get there early you are guaranteed a nice day of fun. If you only want to spend a half day there and check out more of Long Beach, you can go to the aquarium as well which is great family fun.

Beach Volleyball

Want to watch a game or get into a game of volleyball while enjoying the outdoors? Then all you have to do is choose…a beach of course. Many of the beaches up and down the coast have dedicated volleyball courts where you can stay and watch or get in on some of the action. Many of the beach volleyball greats have trained on some of these courts. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be an Olympian to get in on a game. Check out the courts on Ocean Park in Santa Monica or in the South Bay in Hermosa or Manhattan Beach.

Annenberg Beach House

What used to be the playground of the rich and famous at the mansion that belonged to silent film star Marion Davies and newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst, is now a community playground in Santa Monica. While the original 110 room mansion and most of the guest houses that were on the property are no longer there, you can still enjoy this fantastic piece of real estate. Opened in 2009, the Annenberg Community Beach House is located along 5 acres of beach. It has volleyball courts, a swimming pool (the original one from the 1920’s that has been refurbished) and a children’s water play area called the “splash pad”. What’s more, you can also tour one of the last remaining structures on the original property. It is a ton of fun for the whole family.

Leo Carrillo State Park – Malibu

So many things to love about this beach. Not only are dogs allowed on the North Beach (they are an important part of the family, too!), but it is not super crowded. Your kids will LOVE the tide pools , reefs and the sea caves. Or you can just watch the surfers out on the water while lounging on this 1.5 mile stretch of beach. You might recognize the area from some of your favorite movies including “Gidget”, “Grease”, “The Karate Kid”, “Point Break” and “Inception”. It was also featured in the 1970’s hit TV show “The Rockford Files”. The secluded nature of this location helps you keep track of the kids and they will be entertained by all of the ocean life there. If you love to camp out, this is a great location for that and you will probably see many RV’s in close proximity as well.

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