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A Drink at Villa Blanca

Recently I had a group of two fun women who are huge Real Housewives fans. So naturally I had to show them Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills, owned by Lisa Vanderpump of the Beverly Hills show. They were excited to see it and decided they had to have a drink in the restaurant named “the Sexiest in LA.”

We got a table in the outside area after walking through the luxurious restaurant. The decor reminds one of going to their rich aunt’s mansion for tea. The windows are framed with white drapes and the white tableclothes rub up against plush couches that give the place its sexy vibe.

Low and behold we saw Ken, Vanderpump’s husband and one of the show’s stars. Ken is a colorful englishman and he was very friendly to my two friends. He chatted a bit and indulged their request for a photo with him. A great stop!