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5 Things We Are Thankful For In Los Angeles


Here at LA Insider Tours , we can’t believe that Thanksgiving is just 2 weeks away. It’s more than just a time to eat turkey (yum!) and catch up with family, it’s also a time to look back and think about the things that we are thankful for. While there are too many for us to list, we wanted to share what we are most thankful about in Los Angeles. This city is truly remarkable and we can show you so many things on our numerous tours.  Here are just 5 things we are thankful for about Los Angeles.

The Beaches

From Santa Monica to Malibu and Venice to the South Bay you can find some amazing beaches in Los Angeles. Whether you are up for people watching, surfing or just hanging out on the sand, LA has a beach for you! Venice Beach not only has 75 miles of coastline and, some say, the best surfing on local favorite Breakwater Beach,  you can also do some good people watching along the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Malibu’s surfrider’s beach is also a favorite place for people to hang 10 or you can also just hang out on the beautiful shores that are dotted with multimillion dollar celebrity mansions. In Santa Monica, you can get the best of both the city and the beach in this city by the sea. And let’s not forget about the South Bay where you can play volleyball in the sand and unwind at the many restaurants and bars along the pier.

Hiking Trails

One of the great things about Los Angeles is its close proximity not only to beaches but to some awesome hiking trails. You can surf in the morning and look at the beautiful views of the sparkling water and hike in the afternoon and check out the beautiful views of Los Angeles.  Additionally, if you like running across celebrities you can usually find one or two working out on these trails. Some of our favorites include Runyon Canyon where you can check out the fantastic views of Hollywood & Los Angeles and possibly even celebs like Justin Bieber, Lea Michele, Jake Gyllenhall & Orlando Bloom. The 2.5 mile Griffith Observatory Trail is also a popular one and has great views of the Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood sign, plus Joaquin Phoenix has been seen there. Franklin Canyon, where Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have been seen hiking, has a duck pond, 3 acre lake and is where the opening credits for the Andy Griffith Show were filmed. If you want to hike TO the Hollywood Sign, you would take the Hollyridge Trail where Madonna and Natalie Portman have been seen. Some of these trails also offer a mountain biking option as well.

Show Business

Hooray for Hollywood! When people think of LA, they think Beverly Hills, swimmin’ pools, Movie Stars (or was that only The Beverly Hillbillies?). In any case, from the Walk of Fame to the streets of Beverly Hills, the dream is alive in Los Angeles. Originally housing the “big six” major studio lots of 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, Paramount, Columbia, Universal and Disney, some of our favorite characters have been born here. LA is also host to major award shows such as The Golden Globes, The Oscars, The Emmys and the GRAMMYs. The star power here is unbelievable and the town that they have built around the stars is pretty darn incredible too.


Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, George Wyman, John C. Austin, Renzo Piano, Rafael Moneo are just a few of the most notable architects in the world who have created buildings in Los Angeles. From Wyman’s Bradbury building (named a historical landmark in 1977) and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock and Gamble houses to Frank Gehry’s modern Walt Disney Concert Hall and Rafael Moneo’s gorgeous Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, everywhere you go in Los Angeles you will be able to see an incredible example of architectural ingenuity. Even downtown’s Union Station,  the largest railroad passenger terminal in the Western United States, has incredible design and appeal.

The Weather

C’mon, we can’t mention Los Angeles without mentioning the weather. And we are truly thankful for it. Don’t get us wrong, we love the snow and it is just a few hours away if we are looking for a daycation skiing on a gorgeous mountain top. But gorgeous weather is the norm in Los Angeles, which makes it perfect for any day tour around the city. While it will cool down at night, you can expect to wear sunglasses most days and feel the sun on your skin and a smile on your face. After all, celebrities wouldn’t have it any other way.

Finally, we are thankful for our loyal friends and customers. Without you, we couldn’t do what we love everyday – and that is see the city we love so much through your eyes. So… THANK YOU… we look forward to seeing you soon!