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5 Reasons to Visit Los Angeles

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We know you have a lot of choices when going on vacation. The world is your oyster and you can explore many unique and exciting places. When choosing a new location to vacation, make sure LA is on your “bucket list” of areas to visit. There are so many great things about this fun city that you won’t want to miss. Here are just 5 reasons to take your time-out here.


For many people, LA is synonymous with the entertainment industry (AKA, Hollywood). And if you want a great vacation in a city that is all about the stars, then LA is the place to visit. From the Walk of Fame to the Hollywood Sign to visiting sites where some of our favorite movies and TV shows have been filmed, LA has it all.


You think LA is only smog and traffic? Then you haven’t walked along the beach path or hiked to the Hollywood Sign, looked out at the edge of Griffith Observatory or ridden with the windows down along Mulholland Drive. Do we have traffic? Yes. Is there smog? Yes. But there is also an amazing tapestry of various landscapes that you can get lost in forever. Don’t believe us? Then come see for yourself the amazing sunsets and and beautiful views when you get out of the city or head to the beach.


Yes, we had to say it. Check out our beaches. If you come to LA, even if it is for a short time, just drive by one of the many beaches we have to offer. If you have a while to stay, then rent a bike or just walk down by the water. Hang out with your family at one of our many family friendly beaches, take surfing lessons or just sit down in the sand and enjoy the beauty of a day at the beach.


OK… so maybe LA isn’t as old as some cities. But did you know that we have a long and varied history? For example, did you know the land where Beverly Hills now sits was once a lima bean farm? Or that Griffith Park, home of Griffith Observatory, was home to an ostrich farm? And, of course, there is Union Station which is the largest railroad passenger terminal in the Western United States. Or there is the Hollywood Sign, which actually was built as an advertisement for a housing development up in the Hollywood Hills. The stories that surround the history of LA are a fun tale worth listening to.


One of the best things about LA is how accessible it is to other areas. While we boast some perfect beach going weather most of the year, you might want to take some time away from the sand and water and drive up to the mountains and back – on the same day. That’s right, you can head up to the mountains in the morning and end your day with a drink on the sand. Or you can head North for some great wine tasting in Santa Barbara and still lay your head down to sleep in LA. If you don’t mind getting in the car for a bit, you can explore some amazing areas around LA without ever having to get on a plane.


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