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5 Reasons to Visit Los Angeles in the Winter

Winter is here! Which means it is a great time to visit Los Angeles. While you can have a great time almost any time of the year, Winter in LA is something everyone should experience. With great weather, tons of stuff to do (both during the holidays and beyond), you can leave the snow behind and frolic in the sand and sun. Here are 5 of our favorite reasons to shed your overcoats and snow boots (unless you are skiing!) and visit Los Angeles in the winter

The Weather

Gorgeous weather is the norm in Los Angeles, which makes it perfect for any day out or to tour around the city. During the winter, however, LA seems to brighten up with clearer skies and cooler weather that makes you want to rush outside and experience the day. Essentials to pack before leaving your hotel are a pair of shades and a sweater. While the sun will shine down on you during the afternoon, it will cool off once the sun goes down. But that won’t stop you from continuing to explore the city at night – which is a must do if you have the time, and the energy!

Surf & Snowboard in the Same Day

One of the great things about visiting LA any time of the year is that you can visit the beach and the mountains all in one day. This means in the winter you can surf in the morning and hop on a ski lift in the afternoon. Big Bear mountain is only a few hours from the city and if you want to take a longer road trip, you can visit Mammoth Mountain. Either way, you can enjoy the close proximity of the sand and the mountains whenever you want – and you don’t even have to leave the state!

Award Show Season

The stars come out during the winter in Los Angeles – and we aren’t just talking about the ones at night. Award show season starts in January which means celebrities from near and far will be in town to celebrate achievements in acting, directing, music and more. It starts with the Golden Globes, then there is the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the GRAMMY Awards, the Independent Spirit Awards and it culminates in the OSCARS (with a ton of other award shows in between). If you want a front row seat, then you might be able to get a seat at one of the fan bleachers along the red carpet or be a seat filler at one of the shows. Talk about making a memory you will never forget! If you can’t make the shows, you might run into a celeb or two while out and about. Maybe you will see them at a coffee shop or shopping.  You never know who you will see!

Less Crowds

 With the exception of holiday vacations, travel and tourism slow down during the winter months in LA, which means you win while visiting here. Less crowds means you get to do more – especially at amusement parks. You can also enjoy a quiet beach stroll or take in some of the major sites with out a lot of crowding. Winter is the perfect time to really see LA and enjoy the view without anyone in front of you!

Better hotel deals

Traveling can be expensive and you don’t always want to spend a lot of money on a room that you will be spending most of your time OUT of. While we have several recommendations of hotels you can stay in – from high end to affordable, you will find that you can get great deals on all of these hotels during the winter months. So while everyone else is at home getting over their summer travels, you can sit back, relax and save some money so you can explore and tour the city without having to worry about how much that empty room is costing you!

Come tour with us and discover all of the amazing things about LA in the winter (or any time of the year!) Email or call us to make your reservation today!