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5 Reasons To Take A Tour While on Vacation

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So… you are in a new city and you may have a little or a lot of time to explore everything in it. Usually it is the latter. A small amount of time to look into the nooks and crannies of a city before heading home with your photographs and memories. Millions of people come to visit Los Angeles every year, whether for business or pleasure, the city is always bustling and there is always something fun to do or see. But, like most cities, if you don’t know where you are going it can get frustrating with traffic and parking and mapping your own way through town. Not that it can’t be done, but why spend your vacation turned around? Not only do we here at LA Insider Tours give tours, but we GO on tours when in new cities. We know the value of a great tour and how it can give you an awesome view of a city. If you are looking for more reasons to take a tour, then here are 5 of our favorites.


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You don’t have to drive

Driving in a new place can be really frustrating. Yes, map quest and siri are great…we love technology, but when you are driving you have to pay attention to what is in front of you or how to move over to the right hand lane in .3 miles in the middle of traffic so you can turn right. But when you leave the driving to a tour company, you can sit back and relax and pay attention to everything around you. You can see the huge palm trees swaying along the streets or check out landmarks being pointed out rather than squinting out the drivers side window going “where?” .


Tour Guides Know the Best Spots in the City

If you have been planning your vacation for a while, you probably know a lot about the city and what you want to see. In fact, when coming to Los Angeles you probably want to go to the beach or to Hollywood or the Hollywood Sign. Those are very well known and popular destinations here and, really, you don’t want to miss them because they ARE cool. But what about learning about the city from people who live here? Going to that great coffee shop or out of the way store, restaurant and special spot that only locals know about. It’s about making your trip that much more special. Because you are with someone who knows their way around and who wants to impart their knowledge of the city with you.



Yes, tours (especially good ones) can be a little pricey. But they are also convenient and so worth it. You have the convenience of someone coming to pick you up. You have the convenience of not worrying how to get some place. You can the convenience of not looking for parking. And it is convenient to have someone show you around. In the end, we aren’t on vacation to make things harder for us. Tours make things easy. And that is the most convenient of all.



Tours aren’t only informative, they are entertaining. Tour guides talk to you and tell jokes. They keep you engaged in the city around you. They make sure you have a good time. Your frustration is gone because someone else is worrying about the details. You can get out and explore without confusion and there is always and expert there to help.

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You can drive around the city yourself, but it’s hard to drive or navigate and learn about the city at the same time (unless you are learning about traffic patterns, then carry on). On a tour, you learn about the history of a city and get to hear great stories. You get to see great architecture and shop at the best places. All with an expert. And that is not just informative… that is peace of mind.

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