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5 Fun Outdoor Activities in L.A.

The sun is out and we are having a great time enjoying this gorgeous weather and get outside! Let’s face it, we Southern Californians didn’t really know what to do with all of the rain we got earlier this year. But now, we are reaping the benefits with the beautiful landscapes that can be seen all around. And as excited as we are to get outdoors, we thought we’d share some of our favorite things to do under our big blue skies. Hope to see you soon!


If you are more of a land lover and like to exercise and explore at the same time, then check out some of the great hiking trails we have all over Los Angeles. Most of these hiking trails have a great story behind them OR are frequented by celebrities. Whether you just want a short, easy hike or one that will take you to see the amazing vistas of Los Angeles, you can find them all in this great city. If you want to get some exercise and spot a celebrity then go to Runyon Canyon. For a day full of fun, then head to one of the many trails all over Griffith Park. You can explore some caves that have been on movie sets or have a picnic lunch in a gorgeous setting. If you have young kids, you can even check out the pony rides and carousel there as well.

The Beaches

With miles of coastline, Los Angeles has great beaches and taking time for a beach day while here is always an enjoyable experience. We have many beaches and options whether you are visiting as a family or here with your friends. Bring your beach umbrellas and towels and hang out by the shore or you can set up surfing lessons or go whale watching. You can also roller skate or take a bike ride down the paths that connect the various beaches. If you want to keep the sand out of your bathing suit and still enjoy the beach views, another great place to visit is the Santa Monica pier. While there, you can take a spin on the solar powered Ferris Wheel at Pacific Amusement Park or enjoy an ice cream after riding the carousel originally built in the 1920’s.

Surf Lessons

If you are at the beach, why not try out the water? And if you are looking for an adventure, hop on a surfboard. The weather is so great here all year long, that you can really learn to surf at almost any time. The summer is a good time to learn because the water is warmer and the waves tend to be more mellow in some of the more popular spots. Finding a good instructor is key to your experience and with many different options dotted along Santa Monica and Venice beaches, you will likely have an unforgettable experience.

Whale Watching

Surf lessons a little too wet? Then you can hang out on the water a different way. Whale watching is a very popular and fun way to enjoy to ocean without getting sand in your bathing suit. While it used to be a primarily Fall and Spring activity, because of migration patterns in the last few year, you can enjoy it in the summer as well. In Southern California, you can see gray whales, blue whales and humpback whales among others. While they won’t do a performance for you like at Sea World, you can witness the majesty of them in their natural habitat all from the deck of a boat and enjoy the beautiful weather of LA all at the same time. Talk about win win.

Outdoor Shopping

From the shops along the famous Rodeo Drive to quirky stores along Melrose, LA offers shoppers a little bit of everything. While in Los Angeles, you will find a ton of cool places to shop, especially outdoors. On one of our many tours, you will get the chance to visit some awesome shopping areas in and around Los Angeles.  If you choose Farmers Market on a Build Your Own Tour, you will also be able to check out The Grove. This huge outdoor mall has all of your favorite stores, but it is also an unexpected shopping experience within this little city nestled in Los Angeles.

If you want to combine outdoor shopping with the beach, then you should also check out 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. Within walking distance to the beach and Santa Monica Pier, Third Street offers a great variety of stores and wonderful restaurants. One of the perks of this fantastic outdoor arena is the variety of musicians and performers that you will find along its path. You can stop and watch a mime perform or listen to the songs from a one man band or enjoy the dancers along this cobble stone route.

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