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5 Favorite Halloween Haunts in LA

a clock in the middle of Grauman's Chinese Theatre street

As Halloween draws closer,  there are many more people interested in the spookier side of LA. For a city with SO much history, it comes with its share of really good ghost stories . For such a fun place to be, we can see why some of those who have crossed over may want to come for a visit. Here are some of our favorite Haunts in LA, where you never know who, or what, you might see.


Knickerbocker Hotel

The Knickerbocker was built in 1925 and played a major role in Hollywood. It first opened as a luxury apartment building and became a hotel later where many celebrities hung out in the Renaissance Revival Bar. Rudolph Valentino frequented the bar and loved to dance to the live music. Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio honeymooned there in 1954 and Elvis Presley stayed there quite often. Other stars who lived and stayed at the Knickerbocker included rocker Jerry Lee Lewis, Mae West, Lana Turner, Cecil B. DeMille, Frank Sinatra, Laurel and Hardy and many others.Through the years, there have been many ghost sightings at The Knickerbocker including Rudolph Valentino, Marilyn Monroe and previous guests of the hotel. Reports of lights turning on and off and things moving on their own have swirled around this storied place. Although the most frequent hauntings have occurred in the bar, it is now sealed off from the rest of the hotel which is now a retirement building.

Graumans Chinese Theatre

Since 1927, Grauman’s Chinese Theater (now known as TCL Chinese Theater after the naming rights were sold to a Chinese corporation) has been THE spot for Hollywood’s biggest premieres. One of the most well-known features of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is it’s front walkway where you can see the handprints and footprints of famous movie stars. There have only been about 175 star prints made so far, and the remaining empty space in the theatre’s small forecourt is scarce – so the honor is has normally been reserved solely for true Hollywood superstars. But it is not without it’s own spooky Hollywood past. The theater is said to be haunted by actor Victor Kilian who was killed in his home in 1979. He lived close to the theater and it is said that he haunts the forecourt.

The Pantages Theatre

Once you are done checking out the Chinese Theater, head on down to The Pantages Theater which is one of the most iconic theaters on the West Coast.  A Los Angeles Landmark, the Pantages Hollywood opened its doors in 1930. It was the last theater built by Alexander Pantages, a famous Vaudville producer and financier who built his empire on building theaters that showed both film and live productions. This beautiful and historic art deco building sits on Hollywood & Vine and is one of LA’s leading venues for live theater. In the early days of motion pictures, the Pantages was a movie theatre as well, but closed its doors in the 70’s and re-opened to focus on live theatre productions only. Many productions and concerts have found a home at the Pantages Hollywood including Disney’s The Lion King, Wicked,  Westside Story, The Phantom of the Opera, The Book of Mormon, and many others. It is said that the theater has 2 ghosts. The first is a mystery woman who died in the mezzanine in 1932. Some say she still sings in the theater. The other ghost is none other than Howard Hughes. He had purchased the theater and ran RKO productions out of there. Some say that his apparition appears in the offices every now and then. Probably still checking his investments!

LA Abandoned Zoo

If you are adventurous and don’t mind experiencing a spooky side to LA (and have already taken our Haunted in Hollywood tour), then taking a visit to the Old LA Zoo is a must on your to do list. Located on the Eastside of Griffith Park on what used to be Griffith J Griffith’s Ostritch farm, the Old Zoo was opened in 1913 and closed in the late 1950’s. When you visit, you can actually walk through some of the old stone cages and caves. You might recognize certain areas of the zoo from scenes from the movie “The Anchorman”. There is a picnic and hiking area there as well. Some people say it is quite eerie and other’s just say “lions and tigers and bears…no more” . Don’t worry, though, you can still visit the “new” LA Zoo just down the way.

LA Insider Tours gives Hollywood Tours including the Roosevelt Hotel, a super scary haunted hotel.

The Roosevelt Hotel

The Roosevelt opened in 1927 by owners Douglas Fairbanks, Louis B Mayer, and Sid Grauman to cater to actors, producers, and directors from the east coast working on films in the burgeoning world of Hollywood. It hosted the very first Academy Awards in 1929 in its Blossom Room, which was said to take only five minutes.As you might expect, given its business purpose, the list of stars that have stayed here is long. Clark Gable and Carole Lombard famously stayed in the penthouse suite for just $5 a night; the same suite will cost upwards of $6,000 today. Charlie Chaplain was said to have a different woman on every floor. Marilyn Monroe lived here on and off for a couple of years early in her career; today you can stay in the Marilyn Suite for $1,800 per night.The hotel is also haunted! A mirror that was once in Marilyn’s suite later displayed an image of her to frightened guests, and those on the 9th floor report hearing Montgomery Clift mumbling his lines over his footsteps in the hallway. Plus, there have also been reports of Humphrey Bogard, Carmen Miranda and Betty Grable still hanging around the hotel. And really, it sounds like it was THE place to be, so why not?

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